Swallows Oast Wedding With Wolves | Sussex Wedding Photographer


Very occasionally in this wedding photography game you get thrown a curve ball. Never did I think I get to opportunity to get to something as amazing as this, a wedding with Wolves!

When Kate’s Mum mentioned that she organised Wolves to come to her daughters wedding , I did an inside somersault and probably a little dance. All sorts of films came flooding into my mind. Dances with Wolves, Twilight. It was important to get the right mood. It really helped that the wedding was held at Swallows Oast, brilliant, woods I thought. Oh and there’s a field we could have them running in, unfortunately the extreme wet weather put an end to that.

We first met Kate and Ben at our home when they came for consultation to explain a bit more . They were planning a Game of Thrones inspired wedding but very tasteful, Kate was very keen to stress. Well they weren’t wrong . With Kate in the most romantic gown with a Game of Thrones inspired head dress to achieve a woodland feel. The bridesmaids echoed this theme in green dresses with matching headdress’s. Ben as a contrast was in a very smart suit with tails.

When the wedding ceremony was over we were introduced to The Watermill Wolves, wow they were stunning . They were very friendly but they could look at you a certain way that made you think, ok not sure I can trust you…ha ha . Motivated by treats they were handled with ease by Natalie their owner, it was a sight to behold. Kate was absolutely besotted, she has always been fascinated and anything wolfy fills her boots .

When they suggested we got a shot of the wolves running past the couple we were a little concerned we wouldn’t capture it but never fear hurray!