Sam and Lauren – Strand House | Rye wedding Photographer

What an absolutely delightful couple Sam and Lauren are. We had the pleasure of meeting them at our house for a consultation before the wedding and realised from the get go how important this day was for them. They had a small wedding planned at Strand House in Winchelsea near Rye but they still wanted the beautiful dresses, hair, flowers and all the trimmings.

We seem to have had a lot of rainy, grey day weddings this year and unfortunately this was no exception. although the service was dry , later on we had to contend with drizzle. We arrived ready to photograph both girls getting ready which was great fun for us. Lauren managed to cause a tear in my eye by expressing that all she wished for was that Sam was to have the best day and it was all about her, so sweet ! Sam was getting ready with her very good friend and bridesmaid, they were very excited and eager to have some photo’s together. I loved the yellow theme they choose for the day and the bouquets looked beautiful.

Lauren was joined by her two boys and her best friend. The boys were wonderful and so well behaved. They looked super cute in their outfits and performed brilliantly through out the service , luckily the rings didn’t get dropped …lol.

The service was emotional and beautiful, a few tears were shed by the couple and guests, luckily I can hide behind my camera or they would have started me off. We captured the group shots on the lawn at Strand house, these were very informal and relaxed which is what the girls had asked for. Some of my favourites are when the girls were both lifted up by friends, great fun.

It was then a quick trip to Winchelsea Beach to get some romantic photographs before the rain came. We braved it for a while using the umbrellas and I’m so glad we did. These images are so pretty and you can see the love these two have for each other coming out of the screen.