Nathan and Louise – The George – Rye | Wedding Photography

Although they aren’t a local couple as such Nathan and Louise chose Rye as the location they would be married in as they have strong links to the town with family in the area. A quick Google search led them to us as the main Wedding Photographers in Rye and after a chat on the phone and subsequent consultation face to face, where they were able to ‘interview’ us, we were delighted to be chosen for the honour of covering the most important day of their lives!

We like nothing more than working in our own beautiful home town and of course our familiarity and local knowledge with Rye and it’s population mean that we have a head start over any other photographers!

The weather on the day was ideal even though all the previous week and right up until the day before rain had been forecast, sunny with a little cloud cover means great shooting conditions, so this combined with a service in the ancient and grand St Mary’s Church at the top of the town and a reception at The George Hotel which is really luxurious in the centre, a stone’s throw from the church all came together to mean that the photographs had all the right ingredients.

Talking of which we must mention the subjects! Nathan and Louise are so obviously in love and meant for each other and as their photographers for the day we saw first hand what a great and happy couple they are, every photo was full of smiles and laughter, none of it forced, in fact the only thing we did have to force were one or two of the more serious romantic shots when we had to ask them to stop laughing and smiling so much and give us a straight face. Luckily we are fun loving wedding photographers and this meant we all had a great time capturing these shots. There are so many fantastic locations to shoot your Rye Wedding and with our local knowledge we were able to organise some great photography in places like Mermaid Street, Church Square, Market Street and Watchbell Street. We stayed at The George until the first dance, we really had a lovely day .