The George – Rye – Wedding photography | East Sussex Wedding Photography

What a wonderful couple Gavin and Tayna were! Easy going , fun loving and willing to have their photo taken, which makes our job easy. On top of that they held their wedding in Rye Town, the best location for us as we’re local. It really is a delight for East Sussex Wedding photography, with quaint old buildings and cobbled streets the backdrop is glorious .

The reception was held at The George, a delightful hotel with a stunning ball room and the service happened at Rye Town Hall, which is colourful and quirky, topped off with the town crier to complete the picture. So what could go wrong , even the weather behaved itself with mild temperatures and blue skies.

We joined Tayna and her bridesmaids getting ready at The George, all was calm and on schedule. The girls were excited and really looking forward to the day. Gavin and the boys were downstairs helping them selves to a bottle of very nice whiskey. They must have been sensible as they managed to awl kin a straight line up to the Town hall. Ha ha.

Tayna walked down the aisle on the arm of her very proud Mum, who gladly gave her hand to Gavin, this is always a really touching moment and brings a lump to my throat every time, luckily I can hide behind the lense. The service was fun with the registrar getting Gavin’s name wrong several times , which was very amusing for the congregation .

After the service Gavin and Tanya didn’t want too many group photo’s and were eager to walk down to The George with the Town Crier marching in front, this is always a great picture. They had welcome drinks and canopies before we whisked them around Rye for some romantic shots , taking them to Church Square and of course the historic Mermaid Street, the best backdrop ever.

After capturing the first dance with left the couple to enjoy the evening with their guests.