Dom and Ria – Rye Harbour| Rye Wedding Photographer

Dom and Ria contacted us after we shot the wedding in Ravell0-Italy, as they were good friends of the couple and liked our pictures . We are always excited to shoot a wedding in a part of Rye that we haven’t covered before and the harbour was on our list as a definite want to shoot location.

Rye Harbour is a village located on the East Sussex coast in southeast England, near the estuary of the River Rother, it is part of the civil parish of Icklesham. Rye Harbour is located some two miles (3.2 km) downstream of the town of Rye.

The River Rother from Rye seawards, and including the village of Rye Harbour, is under the control of the Environment Agency. At the village itself there are yacht moorings; a small fishing fleet , some commercial shipping; and a long-established lifeboat station. There is also a holiday village called Frenchman’s Beach alongside the village itself

The Rye Harbour Nature Reserve was established nearby in 1970 and it now offers special wildlife experiences to 200,000 visitors a year. It has national and international designations and is home to more than 150 rare or endangered species.

Ria has strong connections to the harbour with her family and ancestors living there, she even lost members of her family in the tragic life boat accident in 1928 when 17 crew lost their lives.

On a happier note we have always wanted to capture a wedding couple by the famous black, red roofed fisherman’s hut. Probably one of the most photographed  features at the harbour but I’m not sure if a bride and groom have been captured there before, so hopefully these stunning images are a first. We were blessed with brilliant blue skies which really set the whole thing off. Of course the couple were as stunning as the location, which all made for one of my all time favourite photographs we have captured. The church of St Mary was a treat too and the marquee set up on the green made for a lovely village feel.