Vicki and Steve – Wedding, Strand House, Rye, East Sussex.

Vicki and Steve – Strand House, Rye

Another wedding for us at Strand House near Rye. Vicki and Steve had a relatively large congregation by Strand House’s Standards, we are used to no more that 15 guests, so it was cosy. It was a dry but cold January day and Vicki had chosen a purple coloured dress for the occasion and it really suited the time of year. Vicki was a little nervous before the wedding ceremony so we left her to get ready with her mum and good friend.

She was walked to the service by her two gorgeous boys, this was a special time and was important for us to capture the moment. This was second time around for both Vicki and Steve and all their children attended the service, afterwards it was important to the couple to get some personal family group shots away from the guests so we drove to a different location for these, where the family could have some personal space.

After this it was back to Strand House where the party began, the bride and groom now relaxed had some group shots taken in doors as it was a little chilly for the guests to be standing outside. Although i’m glad to say that Vicki and Steve were quite happy to brave the cold to get their romantic shots. We were excited about this as we had a new lighting system to try out and they were extremely patient as we worked it out. It was totally worth it though. I love the picture in front of the tree, the moon even came out for the shot, giving it a truly magical feel. My Facebook page went into overdrive when I posted that picture. We shot a mock cake cut and some shots of the reception room and left the couple to enjoy their evening.