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About Me

A little bit about me!

 I have a real passion for capturing beautiful, stunning pictures. My style is very natural, we love the shots we get of people when they aren’t aware they are being photographed. 

Having been a keen artist throughout my childhood, on leaving Meopham Comprehensive school I attended the Medway school of Art and Photography where I learnt my trade as a Commercial Artist. On graduating I worked for several years producing technical art work for publication as well as free- hand art for a small, bespoke furniture company.

My Husband James and I moved to Rye in East Sussex in 2007 in search of a nicer environment to raise our son and we certainly feel like we found it! Living in Rye quickly re-kindled the dormant Artist and Photographer in me and it wasn’t long before I was producing Photographic and Art work for display and sale in local galleries.

Then in 2010 a close friend, knowing how keen a Photographer I am and believing in my ability to compose a good photograph, asked me to photograph her wedding, I did and LOVED it! Soon after I was asked by another friend (another professional photographer) to help her out she was due to shoot a Wedding but circumstances had conspired to cause a problem for her, so with much trepidation, armed with one camera and accompanied by James for support I did my first ‘commercial’ shoot! The result was a very happy Bride and Groom and a very happy Photographer…….I loved it! The rest as they say is history, we have now invested in 3 Cameras, a variety of lenses, lighting, Computer software and all the other paraphernalia a Wedding Photographer requires and we are now shooting weddings all over the World! It’s now my full time ‘vocation’ you can’t really call it work when you enjoy it as much as I do! Debbie Sanderson Wedding Photography in Kent and Sussex.

About James

James is my husband, second cameraman, P.A. and general dogsbody! It's fair to say I couldn't do what I do without him, we really are a team! He is also naturally artitistic and has a really good manner, always polite and professional but with a sense of humour, he is fantastic at looking after people and gently organising guests and couples to ensure that the day runs smoothly for all of us. His strength is his ability to remain calm and organised, ensuring that I can remain focused on the artistic side of things.

He is also very handy with the second camera and this means that we are able to capture truly wonderful photos often at the same time from different perspectives. Post production work is shared as well, once I have edited and manipulated the photos, James will then produce a DVD slideshow set to music following the time-line of the day, these are very popular with our couples and we are very proud of them.

Life is an awfully big adventure and we’re on it together …